Qato V Maxwell

Kreshnik Qato v Max Maxwell

The fifth bout on the card featured English Middleweight Champion Kreshnik Qato against former British title challenger Max Maxwell.

The fight got off to a storming start, with Qato rushing in with a double handed attack to body and head. Maxwell calmly covered up, absorbing the barrage easily on his arms and gloves.

With the crowd urging him on Qato kept up the attack at a pace, unfortunately though he didn’t appear to break through Maxwell’s fortress like defense at any point.

After patiently absorbing Qato’s relentless onslaught for about a minute or so, Maxwell started to turn the fight around in his favour, letting rip with clinically accurate shots of his own.

By the end of the round the level of accuracy from the Brummie battler’s shots was clear for all to see, as Qato’s right eye was beginning to swell badly.

More of the same in the next couple of rounds, with Qato seemingly content to throw wild double handed shots, whilst the Brummie would counter with ridiculously accurate left hooks, which were causing further damage to the Albanian’s damaged right eye.

So much so that by round five referee Kieran McCann called for the doctor, as the eye had virtually swollen shut. The doctor gave the OK to continue and Qato stepped up the pressure on Maxwell.

Round six was a stormer, with the pair going toe-to-toe from start to finish, Even after the final bell the highly appreciative crowd were still on their feet cheering, rightly so in my opinion it was a cracking bout and would later be declared ‘Fight of the Night’.

When referee Kieran McCann’s scorecard was read out as a 60-55 points victory for Kreshnik Qato I have to say I was mightily surprised, this was a much closer bout than that score indicates.

When I compared scorecards with Paul Zanon from the Daily Sport, we both had it as 59-58, myself in favour of Maxwell and Paul’s in favour of Qato, that’s how close the fight really was and I for one hope that there’s a rematch in the near future and I want to be there.

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