The Paul Ingle Boxing Academy is the brainchild of former professional boxer Sonny Pollard to pay tribute to the life, career and achievements of the legendary former world featherweight champion Paul “The Yorkshire Hunter” Ingle.

The academy strives to provide training, support and advice to our clients , enabling them to get fit and stay fit in a comfortable and relaxing environment.

The coaches and trainers are vastly experienced and have competed at professional levels for many years, ensuring you have the best advice and training available.

If you are looking to start Boxing but have no idea where to start, they offer a great introduction to Boxing for Beginners. You will learn the boxing skills to take you to the next level.

The academy has the full backing and endorsement from former IBF / IBO World Champion Paul Ingle.


Where is the Academy?

1 Leonard Street
Beverley Road
Hull HU3 1SA (Map)

Follow the gym on Twitter @PaulIngle12

Visit the Gym website for more details.

Paul Ingle – world champion

Paul began his amazing journey in the seaside town of Scarborough, East Yorkshire in 1981 at his local boxing club under the tutelage of his trainer Tommy Johnson With an excellent amateur career that spanned over 150 bouts and included Paul competing in the 1992 Barcelona olympics, where he was narrowly defeated by Choi Chol-Su of North Korea.

Ingle made his pro debut on 23 March 1994 against Darren Noble at the star Leisure Center in Cardiff. Paul won the fight in style with a KO in round 3, His journey had begun………..

The Career of Paul Ingle is one of triumph and tragedy and Paul has survived hardship no man should have to bere. From being a super-fit athlete and on top of the world, to fighting for his life in an operating theatre, to then turn his life around, the Paul Ingle career and his story is a true inspiration and and there would be no one better to tell it than the man himself, Paul ‘The Yorkshire’ Hunter Ingle, one of the hardest, fittest, all action, determined world champions British boxing ever produced. Since this interview Paul is doing great, he has opened the new gym and has been training there himself, getting fit and has lost a good few stone, he is a picture of health. What a great champion Paul Ingle is!

The Paul Ingle Story by

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