Ten minutes before a boxing match, a teenage boxer fights for his right to get in the ring.  

Our story unfolds backstage in the immediate moments leading up to the fight. Fighter has Down’s Syndrome and finds himself torn between his over-bearing trainer, a sister who hates seeing him get hurt and a boxing committee unsure whether to sanction him to fight at all.

Both an exploration of amateur boxing and freedom of choice, Fighter is a tense, visceral human drama about one man’s fight to follow his dreams.

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The film ‘Fighter’ by Bugsy was inspired by the true story of G-Money an American MMA fighter with Downs Syndrome who fought to be aloud to compete and in the end won his fight and his case for free will.

“We didn’t want to copy his life but make our own story set in the UK and in the world of boxing.” Busy Steel told British Boxers.

“Trying to make this film feel as real as possible was of huge importance to us. We shot an amateur boxing fight at York Hall and intercut this with the narrative drama, shot in a working mans club in Peckham.

“With no prior boxing experience we wanted the actors to come of as believable (at least to those that don’t know boxing) and were lucky enough to have Tommy Jessop our main actor and Simon Kunz (who plays his father) trained up by Ryan Pickard of Repton Boxing Club.

“From there we built up and incredible crew from my televiiosn commercial back ground.

“The film has already picked up two awards for best film and cinematography from BFI and is to premiere this October at the London Film Festival.”

For more information on the film visit www.fightershort.com

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