Fight fans are always looking at the best ways to bet on a boxing contest and since the imergance AJ mania, heavyweight boxing and in particular Joshua has started to see a big increase on boxing betting over the past few years. There are various ways one can learn about boxing betting strategies, as boxing has been synonymous with betting odds since the sport begun. When there is a lot at stake such as a world championship bout and huge fights like the one we witnessed recently the world heavyweight boxing between Anthony Joshua v Alexander Povetkin, with all the social media hype and that followed.

If you’re standing face-to-face with the boxing betting odds for the first time or just need a good ol’ refresher, then there are 3 main outcomes you need to pay attention to; a boxer wins, loses or draws. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Well, as with any other betting odds in other sports you can bet on other interesting aspects of the game. These can include: a knock-out win or points gathered throughout the rounds. A boxer could win in the first or third round or even the twelfth round. Also, he could win by a high number of points or low number. He may even win virtually all the rounds or just a small majority. All these exciting variables ensure that there are great boxing betting strategies out there that can ensure the best returns on your wager if you know what you are doing.

Below are two tips and tactics to help you with your boxing betting strategies:

Injuries, and KOs

Boxing is a physical sport, so inevitably it comes with injuries, these can put a fighter out for long periods of time, from a few weeks to years. Bettors will want to use this information to determine how an injury or injuries throughout a boxer’s career can impact a fighter on their return to the ring. This information can be easily gathered by reading articles online or by tuning in to press reports. It is safe to assume that an opponent fighter will want to play on a fighter’s injury to gain maximum points. The mental side of a previous knockout loss might also play a part in a game, so bettors should examine that angle as well to determine if a boxer might be prone to a loss because of a previous fight, be it with the same fighter in the ring or a different one. Some bettors look into previous results from last year to determine how a fight might pan out.


The pre-match weigh-in, which takes place a day before a boxing match, can lead boxers who miss the cut to go through radical measures to make sure they make the cut. This may include fasting before a match, which can leave some fighters exhausted before the first punch is even thrown. Therefore, bettors should be aware of the weigh-in process as another variable to consider before placing a wager.


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