Well the return bout with Canelo and GGG took place with the verdict going to Canelo, however the fight itself was up to how the judge interpreted it. Did they give GGG enough for the jabs he landed. It was and excellent bout which went to the wires however I wonder if failing drug tests are going to cloud Canelo’s legacy in the sport.

Anthony Joshua put up a great performance in defeating Alexander Povetkin. Fair play to Povetkin he did not just come to make the numbers up and give it all he had. Joshua really showed his muscle in taking some really hard blows to regroup after that first round and then score the destructive stoppage.

With the date now out for the Wilder Vs Fury bout we are in interesting times in the heavy weight division. For some reason or other Tyson Fury seems to be the back marker in Eddie Hearn’s plans. Personally though I would have liked Fury to have a couple more warm up bouts (not on pay per view) I would not dismiss his chances of defeating Deontay Wilder.

Over the years I have spent a lot of time with the travelling community and Big Dave McDonagh has been known to say I am more of a traveller than some travellers. I also go into the mental approach of a boxer and knowing travellers as I do I think Tyson Fury would not dream or entertain making a come back unless he thought he could beat Wilder or Anthony Joshua. Fury can not be underrated. In Eddie Hearn’s view Wilder would be a better proposition, I understand that. However I doubt whether Wilder would take less than 50% of the purse and what if Fury defeats him? That fight could be arranged if he won a return against Fury but would it have the same impact?

Eddie Hearn is a clever operator alright and in entering a deal or arrangement with K2 promotions he can be sure of the services of Oleksandr USYK and the potential classic encounter with Tony Bellew on November 10th in Manchester. That is going to be some battle and USYK is already talking about such a bout opening the way for a step up to heavyweight and a fight with Joshua.

Joshua Vs USYK or Bellew would indeed be a good bout but would it have the same appeal as a Joshua Vs Fury or Wilder bout? No way. It would merely be a bout to fill in a void. The bout the real boxing world wants is Joshua Vs the winner of Wilder and Fury. Other bouts are only make waits.

A lot of publicity and discussion is taking place over pay per view. I can see next year about twenty such events taking place. The question to ask or answer are they going to be worth the extra £20? Also is the undercard just a matter of 70 – 30 bouts or 55- 45 bouts. Talk is also on for a Mayweather Vs Pacquiao rematch, their first bout was way too late in their careers so what’s the point in this one.

Well done to Callum Smith to win the super-middleweight world super-series tournament and the Ring magazine belt in the final against George Groves last week and what a fantastic performance it was from him. The four Smith brothers have all won British titles and two have now won world titles, that surely can never be matched.

However not only are they a family of wonderful boxers they are wonderful people and a credit not just to the sport but to their family and the community they come from.

I know from personal experience how caring and compassionate they are and I will remember one event till the day I die. I was receiving treatment for cancer, some people in the sport were concerned. I told them I was ok it was just another opponent and I could kick the cancer.

However John McDonald had made arrangements for me to attend a big show in Birmingham and Anthony Joshua was topping the bill and Callum Smith was also on the bill. John Knew that I was helping out at Deva ABC along with my friend Dave Evans. We had had Anthony Joshua boxing on one of our amateur Sunday shows a few years ago in chester and not only that but my friend Billy Moran knew I had photos of myself with Anthony Joshua so told me to send them to him as he would see if they could be signed.

Well that night came and when I arrived who was in the foyer but Stephen Smith, I had with me some photos of myself with the smith boys, Stephen smiled as I asked if he could get them signed. He not only done that but found me at the show John McDonald along with Billy Moran they came over at the interval  and not only had Anthony Joshua signed a glove for me also the photos were signed but so had the Yafai and brothers Stephen, Paul and Liam had all signed the family photo and I hope to catch up with Callum to complete the signatures.

I will never forget that night. I will always be indebt to John McDonald, Billy Moran, Anthony Joshua, the Yafai brothers and the Smith family for showing me that wonderful compassion in those dark times.

On a lighter note my wife and I have just become great grand parents and the two youngsters are boys, Alex Kennedy and Edward Thomas Dix. I am in the autumn of my life and they might not remember much about me. However at a Black Flash Promotion show recently I got the great Pat Barrett and all the boxers at the event to sign gloves for them. Also today I received off Billy Moran, gloves signed from the Tony Sims Gym. I will put a letter in each glove with information of the boxers and also a letter wishing them all the best in life.

Boxing is a sport with some great people in it and those gloves are signed by such people.

What a day Sunday 30th was for Collyhurst and Moston ABC with 4 boys in the development championships and 4 boys through to the next round. One thing I observed that there boys who boxed George Killeen, Mauro Da Silva and Adam Rasool all have different styles and yet had a very tight defence lets give credit to their trainers.

Until next time, good luck and God bless,

Tommy Dix


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