The upcoming and potentially explosive bout between Chris Eubank Jr (21-1-KO16) and Nick Blackwell (19-3-1-KO8), has just taken a bizarre twist, which will surely overspill on fight night.

Eubank Jr, has published a clip on social media, which shows him sparring an up and coming young fighter who has not even had a pro fight yet and eventually goes onto knockout the youngster. Not only has this raised serious questions over Eubank’s attitude but it has also angered Blackwell.

The Trowbridge fighter, who defends his British middleweight title against Eubank Jr on March 26th believes that this sort of unacceptable behaviour shown by Eubank, is a symptom of arrogance.

The defending champ told Sky Sports: “He put a video on social media, for the whole world to see, of him knocking out a kid who hasn’t even had a pro fight and it’s disgusting. This is the sort of thing the Eubanks do. They like to be controversial, they like to get people talking, and they don’t care what anyone thinks of them.

“The amateur kid is building his confidence and trying to learn from a so-called professional, but somehow Eubank Jr takes pride in exploiting him like that. The idea of filming it and putting it on social media is just embarrassing.

“I’ve put more than one world champion down in the gym over the years but I don’t go around bragging it.

Blackwell also goes onto claim that Eubank is not taking the fight seriously and is sparring novices’ rather seasoned pros.

Eubank will need to be at his best and cannot afford to rest on his laurels like he did against Billie Joe Saunders, as Blackwell will be in no mood to relinquish his British title.

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