The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs have refuted Conor Benn‘s claims that two positive tests for clomifene could be due to contaminated eggs.

Benn sat down with Matt Lawton of The Times this week to have his say after receiving considerable backlash following two positive VADA tests for the banned substance clomifene.

His scheduled fight with Chris Eubank Jnr on October 8th was pulled after the results became public.

The first test was taken on July 25th and communicated to Benn at the end of August, while the second was taken on September 1st and communicated three weeks later on the 23rd.

Though primarily used as a female fertility drug, clomifene has been shown to increase testosterone levels in men and may also be used as a masking agent to hide traces of other banned substances.

Benn says his team “have strong theories about what happened”, claiming he was eating between “34 and 40 eggs per week” at the time the first failed test was taken in July.

Benn maintains his innocence after the positive tests. Picture By Ian Walton Matchroom Boxing

The twenty-six-year-old’s legal team referenced a World Anti-Doping Agency study from two years ago which referenced “poultry and eggs containing a minimal amount of clomifene” in relation to sport doping samples.

Lawton however confirmed he had reached out to the Government department who confirmed that the substance “is not authorised for use in animals in the UK, including laying hens and chickens.”

“The department also says the Veterinary Medicines Directorate is not aware of its use, or any evidence that the substance has been found in the British food chain. That said, a small percentage of eggs consumed in the UK are imported.”

Benn also remains embroiled in a legal dispute with the British Boxing Board of Control and relinquished his British license earlier this week after what he believes to be harsh treatment.

“I won’t be boxing under the British board ever again. Now I know why my dad ripped up his licence on TV. The way they have gone about this. The way they knew about this.They could have pulled the fight.

“The board can do one,” he says. “I’ve actually not been charged or been found guilty of anything yet. Other fighters test positive for steroids and get cleared to fight — it feels like they’ve got it in for me.”

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