I recently met up with Chris Maylett again to make some videos for BBTV to give my opinion on some old timers, predictions on some upcoming fights and anything else I’m asked.

I enjoy doing it, boxing as always been a great love of mine and it is no hardship to sit and speak about it, especially as Chris informs me the videos are being received well and people are enjoying watching them on the YouTube.

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We have plans to do some more videos soon and possibly a joint discussion with Peter Fury, who Chris knows and is hoping to arrange in the near future. I look forward to that as I have a great respect for Peter and although we have never met, we also have an old mutual friend in common and I look forward to speaking to him.

Here is my opinion and prediction (above) on the upcoming Nathan Gorman vs Daniel Dubois fight and the link to my playlist of videos for you to look back on. I must admit until recently I had not watched back any of the videos as I don’t have an internet. My grandkids and Chris have shown me clips, but I’ve arranged to get an ipad and watch them back as well as some classic fights when I get the hang of it.

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This weekend I had the pleasure of attending a local boxing show, put on by the up and coming Blacon ABC. It was a wonderful held at the plush Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Blacon ABC Show, 29th June 2019 Crowne Plaza Hotel Chester.

This for me was a trip down memory lane as years ago I went to school with the grandparents and great grandparents of many who packed the suite in such glorious surroundings. In fact in a bygone era I had trained some of the parents of the participants. It was wonderful to see some of the old Chester families supporting and having members of Blacon ABC.

The boxing was restricted to 10 bouts. This was due to holidays and the closed season, however the wonderful sporting crowd enjoyed every second of the action. This show had everything you could ask for. The proof of this was in the matchmaking, not a stoppage or a count administered.

Blacon Club members

First up was Blacon’s Nellie Davis Vs Southport’s Amy Hill, both girls have a good future.

Jay Thelwell, Blacon and Wallasey’s Connor Massey kept the crowd entertained by their skills bout.

Alfie Cole, Blacon and Charlie Gouldson proved that they were at clubs that teach the noble art as it should be taught.

The final skills bout Blacon’s Bradley Harley and Wild Cards Alfie Saxon produced a classic array of skills to bring an end to skills bouts that bodes well for the future of participants and their clubs.

Blacon’s Robyn Thomas won the first bout in a very close contest with Southport’s Leooni Ormsby this was a cracking bout with correct punching and lovely defensive moves by both girls.

Bradley Broadbent, Blacon lost a split verdict to Washington’s Jamie Burrows. Once again a close verdict went against Bradley in a bout of beautiful boxing, combination punching, excellent defensive work by both boys, however the judges favoured the work of the north east boxer over Bradleys work rate. These two boys put up a wonderful contest that brought sustained applause at the end of this classic bout.

In a senior heavyweight bout Adam Dean, Blacon out pointed Halton’s J. Walton in a storming bout. This bout had the crowd roaring as both boys went for broke from the out set, Dean was giving height and reach away but though Walton had a stiff jab dean at times out jabbed him both through dangerous right hand  and over the top as they fought for supremely.

The action was non stop with the crowd cheering between the rounds. The referee did a brilliant job with both boys going for broke, infringements were bound to happen however the referee kept the action flowing and truly helped to make this an unforgettable bout. Adam Dean collected the signed glove for best performance by a home boxer.

Blacon’s Jaxon Heath won over Llangefni’s Dion Jones in a bout that showed both boys are well schooled. The skill of these two boys belied their age.

In the final bout of the afternoon wild cards Charlie Buckley out pointed Chester’s Tom Powell in a very entertaining bout with Buckley just having the final edge in the exchanges.

Adam Dean (right) with Tommy Dix signed glove


Nellie Davis, Blacon Vs Amy Hill, Southport
Jay Thelwell, Blacon Vs Connor Massey, Wallasey
Alfie Cole, Blacon Vs Charlie Gouldosn, Wallasey
Bradley Harley, Blacon Vs Alfie Saxon, Wild Card

Skills bouts

Robyn Thomas, Blacon w.pts Leooni Ormsby
Jaxon Heath, Blacon w.pts Dion Jones, Llangefni
Bradley Broadbent lost pts Jamie Burrows, Washington Co Durham
Charlie Buckley Wild Card w.pts Tom Powell, Chester
Adam Dean, Blacon won pts J. Walton, Halton

I will look forward to the next show at Blacon ABC support and continue to champion their progress. They are a club on their rise and one day no doubt they will be producing champions on all levels.

Well the weather is getting better and the summer is upon us. I will be spending some of my days down the allotment tending to my produce while keeping an eye on the latest boxing news. I will be doing another one soon, if anyone as any questions you would like me to answer or fights you would like me to review or predict, please leave a comment on any of the videos.

Link to my Videos:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oInM37ht4fw&list=PLGKh0pnB7huk9MLzw3WkaN0cm-xnT0nL7

Well all the best and until next time, good luck, God bless.

Tommy Dix









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