Wasserman boxing provide entertaining bill for boxing fans 

The night of boxing kicked off with manchesters Bobby Faulkner (5-0) picking up a points win against Bulgarian Georgi Velichkov (3-10, 3 KOs)

The second bout of the night saw Sultan Zaurbek (14-0, 10 KOs) land heavy shots on the counter against Argentinean Facundo Arce (15-10-2, 7 KOs) from the start of the fight. Zaurbek continued to keep Arce at bay behind the jab from his tricky southpaw stance. Referee Howard Foster waved the fight off when Acre was floored in the fifth, he looked back at his corner from the canvas with a look of defeat. 

Salfords Alex Murphy (7-0) brought plenty of support through to Bolton in his lightweight content against a game Liam Fox (0-7). Murphy gained a dominant points win in the four round bout. 

Katharina Thanderz (16-1, 2 KOs) and Ioana Fecioru (4-1, 2 KOs) provided a solid fight of the night contender in an exciting lightweight tear up. Thanderz landed flush with the overhand right multiple times in the first round which resulted in Fecioru hitting the canvas. Throughout the fight Thanderz continued to try and land the overhand right and while Fecioru picked up on this she was still successful on some occasions. Fecioru showed enormous heart and chin after taking many shots flush. As the fight progressed , Thanderz appeared to tire however still answered aggressively in many of the exchanges. The bout resulted in a deserved points victory for Thanderz despite both women giving very entertaining performances. 

The fifth bout of the night saw Oliver Zarren (8-0, 2 KOs) take on Frane Radnic (11-38, 10 KOs). At the end of the first, Zarren landed flush with the right hand which put him in good stead for a potential stoppage. However , the 4 round fight went to the judges score cards with Zarren scoring a clear points victory. 

Next Denis Radovan (17-0-1, 8 KOs) took on Frenchman Fouad El Masaoudi (18-19, 2 KOs). In the first round of the fight , Radovan pushed heavily for the stoppage landing an array of spiteful shots leading up to the bell. El Masaoudi began to tire heavily at the start of the second and Radovan took advantage of this pushing him back and landing heavy combinations and body shots. As the round progressed , El Masaoudi seemed to pick up the pace however he rarely landed his combinations. In the third , the referee spoke to Radovan about punching to the back of the head which came as he advanced for the stoppage. The fourth round saw Radovan land multiple vicious upper cuts and hooks resulting in El Masaoudis face pouring with blood, however he continued to show heart and attempt to answer shots. The bout was waved off in the fifth after the doctor took a look at the Frenchman’s cut. The bout was taken to the judges scorecards as it was after the fourth , resulting in Radovan winning the fight on decision. 

Another contender for fight of the night saw Stockport’s Niall Brown (8-0, 3 KOs) take on Bahadur Karami (1-3-1, 1 KO)

Brown displayed excellent defensive work throughout the majority of the first round however was caught just before the bell. Undoubtedly , Karami came to win as he pressed in the second and third. However , Brown largely got the better of him in the third resulting in him on the canvas. The fight showcased some brutal exchanges in the final three rounds, with both men giving it their all. Brown showed some excellent inside work and Karami showed enormous heart, making it another contender for fight of the night. The fight went to the judges scorecards, resulting in Brown been victorious and picking up his eighth pro win in what was a tough test. 

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Next James Moorcroft (19-2, 7 KOs) took on Nathan Bennett (12-4, 2 KOs) in a welterweight english title eliminator.  

The fight started off close in the first , with both men establishing the jab and working each other out. However , in the second Moorcroft floored Bennett who attempted to scramble to his feet however the referee waved the bout off. 

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Ashley Marron (1-0, 1 KO) debut saw him bring huge support to Bolton, with his ring walk electrifying the crowd before the bout had begun. He caught Daryl Pearce (1-14) seconds before the bell in the first , the bout was waved off between the first and second round. After the bout was waved off it appeared that Pearce had suffered a cut. 

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As the coverage for channel 5 began, Lyndon Arthur (22-1, 15 KOs) made his ring walk against last minute replacement opponent Boris Chrigton (10-2, 7 KOs) after Braian Suarez (18-1, 17 KOs) failed his pre fight medical examination. The fight started off cagey as the two figured each other out. In the second round, Arthur began to throw his jab to the body and head and effectively used his reach to keep Crighton at bay. In the third, Crighton landed a swift right hand however Arthur neutralised the attack with some clever defensive work. Round six saw a solid right hand land from Arthur and he began establishing his jab again however Crighton returned some of his own shots. 

In round nine, Arthur landed a beautifully timed right hand that shook Crighton on his feet and then continued to land right hands looking for the stoppage. 

At the very end of the tenth, Arthur landed a perfectly timed right hand that knocked Crighton to the canvas. However, he was saved by the final bell.  The bout went to the scorecards with Lyndon Arthur deservingly winning by unanimous decision .

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The penultimate bout saw Manchesters Kane Gardner (16-2, 7 KOs) take on Conah Walker (11-2-1, 3 KOs). The action began from the get go with both men not holding back and advancing the attack. The second saw Gardner boxing off his back foot to the most part as Walker put on the pressure and attempted to close the distance. During the middle of the fight both fighters were game and each landed shots flush. Both men exchanged shots until the Final bell , with Gardner boxing largely off the back foot and Walker off the front. The bout went to the score cards and favoured Gardner in what was a close contest, to which he edged. 

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In the final bout of the night , flyweight prospect Chloe Watson (5-0) took on Argentinian Romina Sosa (3-2-4). Watson taunted Sosa in the third and encouraged her to come forward on a few occasions. Sosa hit Watson after the final bell and caused brief outrage however Watson deservedly won on points and got a huge celebration from her supporting crowd. 

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